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Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.  In the Fall of 2019, I noticed that the little green light on my Macbook Pro charger cable wouldn’t light up.  Reboots, plugging/unplugging and many Youtube video recommendations; nothing seemed to work.  I was on borrowed time with whatever battery power I had left, with lots of paperwork to get done before my military retirement.  In desperation, I took my Macbook to a local Mac “Specialist” with an idea of what needed to be repaired. Unfortunately, this “Specialist” took a week of time, changed system settings that “[he] didn’t like”, charged me $300, and ultimately had no clue about how to fix the problem.

I had just paid hundreds of dollars just to be told that I should get a new laptop.

I had just paid hundreds of dollars just to be told that I should get a new laptop. I was now pissed off and determined to win.  Armed with an electronics background from the military, a hunger for education, and a refusal to quit, I dove head-first into the Apple repair industry.  I digested every YouTube video and electronics book at my disposal, bought every tool required for as little as possible, and learned that Apple devices can be repaired by somebody other than a self-described “Specialist” or “Genius”.  I also learned that THOUSANDS of other people had the same problem I did, and some of them were taken for far worse than $300.  That is simply unacceptable.

Since my military career was coming to a close, I decided to start my own repair shop to help other computer owners like me;  regular people that just need their Apple device to work again.  I started ViBe Repair as a place where people find the help they need, nobody gets ripped-off, and No Fix = No Fee.



Mark Bright


My name is Mark Bright and I repair laptops. Not just the “click this, then that” kind of fixing either. I perform board-level repair, finding and replacing bad components under a microscope to necromance your dead device back to life.

Though I may look young, I had a long career in Special Operations working on electronics with strategic-level impact. That’s what I bring to the table. A succeed-under-any-circumstance work ethic with more than 20 years of experience getting you back online to get your mission accomplished.